MUSE (Multicultural Urban Secondary English) Master's and Credential Program

The MUSE Masters and Credential is a two-year program (one year full-time, one year part-time) that prepares candidates to teach secondary English to both native speakers of English and second-language learners. Both course work and placements emphasize teaching strategies geared to the state's multicultural, multilingual classrooms. At the end of the first year, which begins in June and ends the following June, candidates receive a teaching credential. This credential certifies them to teach English and English Language Development classes in grades six through twelve. During the second year of the program, candidates usually are in their first year of teaching and take one additional seminar to receive their M.A. As part of the M.A. seminar they complete a project, which involves them in teacher research and reflection on their teaching.

Operated in association with the Bay Area Writing Project (BAWP), the MUSE Program's course work and field experiences emphasize theoretically sound teaching methodology that draws on the resources of the University as well as experienced BAWP educators. The program places a particular emphasis on teaching students in multilingual, multicultural urban schools to become proficient and competent readers and writers in a society that is placing increasing literacy demands on its youth.

In order to be admitted to the MUSE Master's and Credential Program, candidates must take the GRE and CBEST exams as well as give evidence of previous study of a foreign language, either through high school or undergraduate course work or through extended residence in a non-English-speaking country. They must also take the CSET examination in the area of English to demonstrate subject matter competency, unless they have completed an approved subject matter preparation program as an undergraduate in California.

For more information, see the MUSE website.